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"Thank you James for all the extra work you put into selling this house for us. This really was a challenge for all of us. Thank you again for the yard work. Grass cutting and weed eating goes far above what we expected. You are an awesome Realtor and friend" - Linda 

"We are also very appreciative for James Skelton, our realtor and friend. He was our tour guide on this detour. He helped turn our dream into a possibility again. Then, he helped turn that possibility into a reality. When our world fell apart in March, he showed nothing but compassion and concern for our family. During this process he made a personal sacrifice for our family in order to help us get to our destination. He has offered us great advice, never tired of answering one more of Chucky’s questions, and helped us get through our fears of what might go wrong during our second attempt of making it to the destination of our forever home. Whether it be hockey, iRacing, home inspection videos, or helping us get our forever home, he has definitely made a positive impression on our family. “If you know what I am saying.” LOL. If you are looking to buy or sell a home, we highly recommend James. He is a great person and realtor." - Debbie

"James is a great Realtor and a neighbor. He does great work and will go above and beyond." - Mark

"I decided to put my house on the market just as the covid crisis began. I was worried that my house would not sale and that I would not be able to find what I was looking for in a new home. James was with me 100% and made the entire process easy and with no stress involved for me. I was able to sell my home quickly for my asking price and he found me exactly what I was looking for in my new home. I am so thankful to James for everything he did. I highly recommend James Skelton to help you with all of your real estate needs you will not be disappointed."- Ann

"James is an awesome realtor. Is very professional but also more personable. We felt like he was a close friend he gave us advice on selling our home and even offered to help us do some of the work . We were very impressed with James and would highly recommend him to anyone!!!" - Lauren 

"After a few weeks of looking on our own (and getting no where) we were ready to give up. Within days of connecting with you we were putting in an offer. The hardest part as first time buyers was understanding the lingo and steps to take but you even made that a breeze. Thank you James for helping us even though we are 3,000 miles away. Cody Moreland and I are so grateful for your help!"- Megan

"James helped my father sell his home in Summerville after the death of my mother. My parents were married for 54 years, so it was an emotional time for my father, and James was not only a stellar professional, but he was also so kind and thoughtful to my father. The last few days before a closing are always stressful and full of last-minute details. James handled everything beautifully. I recommend him enthusiastically to anyone who needs a real estate agent in Summerville"

"James was very professional and attentive to the unique needs of selling my home. He went way above and beyond to make selling my home the best experience possible. He is highly focused and has the utmost attention to detail. Thanks James!"

"James was so amazing helping me sell my house. He sold it within the first week and received a full price offer. There was a lot of yard work that had to be done before putting it on the market. He was there just about every day landscaping the 3/4 acre yard. Which was not a small task. He was very friendly, professional, and understanding. I would highly recommend hiring James Skelton as your realtor." - Lynne

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